Super Easy White Chocolate Cups Filled with Eggless Nutella Mousse

Who wants to win tix to Taste of Sydney 2011? Keep on reading for your chance to win! Woohoo it’s almost that time of year again! The shops are filled with everything pink and red, giant heart cutouts are fluttering from the ceilings, flower shops slowly increasing their prices…

Oh yes that’s right dudes Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so why not show that special someone how much you care with this super easy dessert! Sweet white chocolate shaped heart cups filled with a creamy, smooth Nutella Mousse- sure it’s not a TRUE mousse as I have issues with uncooked eggs in dessert but noone will be able to tell the difference! The mousse is actually the same recipe as the
Super Easy Ice Cream Recipe and best of all there’s only 4 ingredients and no eggs heh ready?

600ml of thickened cream
150ml of condensed milk (half tin)
375g white chocolate (depended on what you’re coating you might need more)
5 giant spoons of Nutella (taste test as you go in case you want more/less Nutella flavour)

First nuke your white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Or you can melt in a double boiler but for some reason I find white chocolate always dies on me whenever I melt on stove and microwave is just so much easier

Coat your silicone mold with the white chocolate and leave in fridge to harden before applying 2nd coat. Make sure to coat the edges and base with enough chocolate or it’ll be damn hard to remove later on and the case will be super fragile. Do a 3rd coat if you’re not pressed for time and have enough chocolate left over.

Once the chocolate coat has hardened, slowly peel back the mold and pop out the cup. See how mine looks kinda fragile? That’s cos I was lazy and didn’t coat the edges enough bah!

Whip the cream until volume doubles and soft peaks form

Add the condensed milk and beat until mixture combined

Add spoonfuls of Nutella until it tastes like Nutella deliciousness

Fill hearts with the Nutella mixture and chill in fridge for approx 6hours.

And tadah! Sweetness on a plate! I thought the innards could do with a bit of pink edible glitter dust (heh disco dust!) and yeah I couldn’t help myself and bought the cute kids tea set from Ikea lol

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